Reusable and sustainable gift-wrapping

Our first product is Hiroba. Hiroba is used as a sustainable gift-wrapping solution. And where else but in regards to gift-wrapping is it more obvious to replace a disposable product with a more sustainable option!? In reality gift-wrapping serves a limited purpose and it is mainly a cultural tradition rather than an actual solution to a practical need where i.e. something needs to be wrapped to prolong shelf life. 

Hiroba is a Japanese word for ‘square’ and is inspired by the nearly 1300 years old Japanese tradition ‘furoshiki’. Back then a square piece of fabric was used to keep valuables among other things. In more recent times the tradition has developed into a more environmentally friendly alternative to gift-wrapping paper because of its reusability. Hiroba is a gift in itself. The recipient passes it on or hands it back to the gift giver. And together we give a gift to the environment and future generations. 

By using Hiroba we can contribute to a reduction in the amount of resources used in the production of gift-wrapping paper. Every year about 1100 tons of gift-wrapping paper is used in Denmark alone. This amount requires nearly 6600 trees. But it is not just the forest, which is harmed by our abuse of gift-wrapping paper; the production also requires 105.000 tons of water as well as 1100 tons of chemicals. 

Hiroba is sustainable in several ways: 

  • It replaces a disposable product, which is rarely recycled because of dyes, lamination, non-paper additives or tape residue.
  • It can be used countless times.
  • It is made of surplus or reused materials.
  • It is locally produced, whereby the CO2 heavy transportation from other production countries is avoided.
  • It primarily consists of cotton or other types of textiles thus sparing the forest, on which the production of paper lays claim.



How to wrap your gifts with Hiroba

Corner Bow

Mid bow

Wine bottle

two wine bottles

Round Gifts

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